Sunday, April 4, 2010

How to be a drinking buddy

I admit, I'm a beer monster. And so are most of my mates. There's a strange camaraderie that occurs when you drink with friends. Acts of stupidity are forgiven. Idiotic ramblings are embraced. And uncontrollable physical forces are not only cherished, they're admired. Drinking is good, if you can remember it. Burp!


  1. so true --- but after only one !!!

  2. 1 beer? 1 night? 1 week? Different tolerance levels for different people...

  3. Aaah! Hot summer, chilled beer and anyone's a friend!
    I love the illustrations! Keeping the lessons going Andy!!

  4. sheer the Vicar said to the Duchess when he espied her in her lingerie!

    or as the boys of Guinness would have us believe...

    either way, i think this makes for a fabulous series...

  5. just finished a week of many cases at a wedding. ya, made a friend or two too. even a dog I'm told. nice one, cheers.